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From our small beginnings, VFM has also supplied and distributed high-quality films & tapes used for “Protection, Moisture Barriers, and assembly” applications.


  • Protective Films: Most commonly used for interior protection during and after the vehicle assembly.  These films provide protection from scuffs during the assembly process and shipping of the vehicles.  Films can be printed “Dealer to Remove” for example, or un-printed.


  • Headliner Backing Films: IN using our roots of being a large “non-woven” supplier, VFM also provides co-extruded low melt film and barrier technology to create a composite commonly used during the thermal forming of headliners. These backs provide an important moisture barrier as well as non-woven release surface to the Tier 1 headliner industry.  These composites are tailored to your specific headliner molding temperatures, process, and specifications.


  • Assembly Tapes: As our name states, we have been a “Flexible Solutions” provider! VFM has been called upon to help in supplying assembly tapes used for headliner wire harness hold downs, brake caliper tapes, and various other assembly aids. Let us help provide a cost effective flexible tape solution for your needs.