VFM has recently been presented the "Excellence in Delivery" Award from Toyota Boskoku America.  We credit our staff and their dedication to service for this recognition.


Versatile Products, Flexible Solutions, Minority Content

VFM, LLC is a Minority-Certified supplier of automotive products to a wide range of customers in the automotive industry. As an ISO 9001:2000 certified supplier, VFM has a high level of quality and attention to customer satisfaction. VFM offers an wide array of automotive solutions:

  • Molded rubber products
  • Protective films and tapes
  • Flame and foam lamination, textile products
  • Material handling and packaging
  • Warehousing and Inventory management
Molded Rubber Products | VFM
Rubber Products
Warehousing and Inventory Management  | VFM
Warehousing and
Inventory Management

Consider VFM as the supplier for your versatile product needs and contact us at info@vfmllc.net.

VFM  | Automotive Minority Content -  Molded Rubber, Protective film and tape, Flame lamintation, JIT Inventory, Material handling and packaging solutions

Material Handling and Packaging  | VFM
Material Handling and Packaging
Protective Films and Tapes  | VFM
Protective Films and Tapes
Flame Lamination and Textiles  | VFM
Flame Lamination and Textiles
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